Dreaming of Living the Dream

March 10, 2014


Way back in 2011, I saw Vancouver-based art blogger Jeff Hamada speak at Creative Mornings Vancouver. It was a hilarious and thought-provoking talk. I especially enjoyed the logic maps he used to describe how people misread each other. You can see the archive of the talk here. Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of his site booooooom.com, where Jeff curates a wide range of contemporary art.

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February 27, 2014

Last month I reunited with the Ramshackle Theatre crew to present Sci-Fi Double Feature, as part of Intrepid Theatre’s Winterlab. This was Intrepid’s 2nd year running this festival, and they brought in artists from across the country, including Mind of a Snail from Vancouver and Halifax’s own Secret Theatre. What set this festival apart was the space Intrepid created for artists to reflect on process and share their knowledge with each other.

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February 27, 2014

Peter En Route

Made the List

January 22, 2014

Earlier this month Brian Fidler and I were pleased to hear our cardboard puppet show “Sci-Fi Double Feature” was ranked one of Vancouver’s Top Ten of 2013, by writer Mack Gordon.

It’s not only an honour to be listed alongside these other great shows, but to feel the support of blog and arts media writers. They play such an important role in promoting work, and encouraging audiences to come out to shows. With all the bad news stories you hear about internet use, I want to thank everyone who uses the internet to connect.

Edge City Social

November 10, 2013

For those interested in connecting with Surrey-based artists, we are hosting an informal social at Central City Brewing, on Nov 26. You can find more info by visiting sofiacollective.com/social. Below is a flyer I designed for the event. Hope to see you there.

Edge City Social

Podcasting Poetry

November 4, 2013

For those who missed our first event with the SOFIA Collective, a poetry reading down at the Newton Cultural Centre, here’s a little video recap and a link to our new podcast. Hearing these poets observe our city, and meditate on ideas of place and shared meaning, still makes my head buzz. We have a bunch of activities and events set up for the upcoming year. If you would like to get involved, you can always contact us here.

You can listen to the podcast with the player below, on Podomatic, or on iTunes.

Hot Temper

October 24, 2013

Newly discovered love of paper mâché. You can do so much with it. Getting excited. #puppet

I am expanding my cardboard horizons and dabbling in a bit of paper mâché. Working on this character, loosely based off actor Klaus Kinski, who is regularly in a high state of alarm. I finished the head, made a wireframe body, and then fashioned together a little outfit for her. Who knew playing with dolls was this much fun.

See final puppet here >

Starting to SAG

October 23, 2013

Over the past year I have become increasing involved with the Surrey Art Gallery, both as a patron and as a videographer. I now work in within their education program and help document and promote events. I am always so impressed by the calibre of work they bring in and the critical discussion they foster.
If you are not seen or heard what goes on there, take a look below.

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