Double Cat

November 4, 2015

These past two weeks I’ve been working on a new electronic dance music video, featuring two giant cats dance-battling it out in Surrey’s growing metropolis. You can see the premiere of this video this week at Dual City at the UrbanScreen. Thanks to the great team that helped me out. See some behind the scenes pics below.

Photos by Alysha McFadden, TJ Grewal, A.S. Dhillon and Mandeep Wirk.

Cat by the river

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Eyes of the Other World

January 20, 2015

A few years back I met visual artist Bracken Hanuse when I was asked to help tech a Yukon tour for his hip hop group, Skookum Sound System. I learned so much from these artists and such a great time touring remote communities together. I remember one of the great highlights of that trip was performing in the fly-in only community of Old Crow, and then having the best Canada Day celebrations ever (including canoe races, ATV parades, and then learning to jig).


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Contact East 2014

October 1, 2014

One of my favorite parts of touring Sci-Fi Double Feature is visiting new places. So far, we’ve presented across Canada, including stops in Banff, Victoria, and Ottawa. These places are great, but I’ve seen them all before.


My Travel Buddies: Brian Fidler and Genvieve Doyon.

Recently, we were accepted to present at Contact East, which is a networking conference to help you book shows in Eastern Canada, United States and the UK. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia before (or even a contact event) so I’ve been looking towards this trip, rubbing my hands in anticipation.

01 Baggage Bridge
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Continuing Tombstone

September 15, 2014

07 Tombstone Poster Draft2 Instagram (1)

Back in August I reunited with my puppet crew to continue development on our new show Tombstone. This will be another theatre piece that combines puppetry with live cinematography and video projection. It builds off our previous show Sci-Fi Double Feature, which we are currently touring around Canada. You can read about our residency at The Banff Centre, where we started work on Tombstone on my recent blog post.

Cardboard Roller Coaster
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Mask Making Workshop

July 21, 2014


This past Wednesday I taught an animal mask-making workshop for a group of teens at the Burnaby Public Library. This workshop is part of a series called Julia’s Studio, which was offered as a way to honour the life of former Teen Librarian Julia Nelson who passed away to cancer. I was deeply impressed by this idea. What better way to celebrate a loved one then by sharing their passion with others?

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