For the past five years I have been collaborating with Ramshackle Theatre to developed sci-fi cardboard puppet shows. In these projects I get to work with great artists across disciplines, as well as experiment with the edges between video and performance.


I recently presented a TEDx talk in East Vancouver, sharing how puppetry changed my art practice by forcing me to embrace the unknown.

Tombstone: a Sci-Fi Western

Ramshackle Theatre's latest sci-fi cardboard puppet show, currently in development. In a wild west amusement park it's a classic battle of cowboys vs robots. Caught in the crossfire, a cyborg cowgirl must rediscover her own identity in order to save the park.


More pics here

Sci-Fi Double Feature

The premiere sci-fi cardboard puppet show I created with Ramshackle Theatre. Two stories in one. In the first: a pair of intergalactic lovers must save earth from vengeful invaders. In the second: a professor and his dog go back in time to prove the existence of a three-headed dinosaur --the Tri-Rex. More here.