In a wild west amusement park it's a classic battle of cowboys vs robots. Caught in the crossfire, a cyborg cowgirl must rediscover her own identity in order to save the park.

Produced by Ramshackle Theatre in Whitehorse, YT.

Simillarly to our earlier puppet show, Sci-Fi Double Feature, this production uses a live camera on-stage to capture and simultaneously porject a small-scale puppet show onto a large screen. We like to think of it as making a movie infront of an audience. The puppets and sets are made out of really simple materials: cardboard, hot glue, hockey tape, chopstick, paper, wire.

Since this is the second show we've developed that ingrates live video capture and projection into a puppet performance, we have been able to push the boundaries further. With Tombstone we have more performers on stage, two (instead of one) live cameras, and a live switcher that cuts between the video feeds. We play a lot with scale, moving from large masks to tiny thimble-size puppets. As the designer, I've also been experimenting with new mechanisms that create more expressive puppets with moving eyes as well as articulating neck and arms. It's always a balancing act between embellishing the details and maintaining an overall simplicity and visual legibility. Especially when the puppets appear on camera, subtle touches can speak volumes. I'm also really enjoying the colour palette we've came up with, which throws back to the saturated pastels of early Technicolor films. The reflective robot's silver coating and the human's cardboard tones combine so beautifully against the blue construction paper backdrop.

We are set to premiere this work in 2017.