Double Cat

An EDM music video featuring two giant cats waging an epic dance battle. Shot entirely in Surrey, BC.

Produced, Directed, and Performed by Edward Westerhuis

Cinematography by Wes Chew

Music by Jonathan Fry

With production support from the SOFIA Collective

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Amongst the skyscrapers of a new metropolis -in classic power rangers style -two cats vie to control the growth of the city. First there was Mothra vs Godzilla. Now it's the Mighty Morphin' Black Cat vs White Cat the Condo King. Does "de-growth" have any chance against unbridled urban development? Will we erase our own histories to blindly accept the promise of a prosperous future? Will we all be seduced by the shiny new tower? Is our past really that disposable? Ok, maybe this is less power rangers and more dancing around in a cat mask and cat costume.


Through this project I was able to pull together a range of disciplines I have been working in, including combinding video production with performance, mask-making, animation, and digital compositing.