Visual Art

Through my visual art practice, I experiment by drawing on concepts I developed from making videos and perfomances. Specifically I work with the photographic and narrative structure from video prodruction and the sculptural and staging aspects of puppet theatre. My work up to this point has been largely personal, serving as a vehicle to help me discover and share my own placement. I am currently working on a new series that address public space and design.

Skytrain Sushi

This new project explores linkages between the evolution of Vancouver Skytrain design, from Expo ’86 to present day, and the region’s simultaneous mass increase in accessible and inexpensive take-out sushi. I do not want to say too much more at this point, buf you want to be the first to get a sneak peek, be sure to sign up to my email club.

Memory Maps

Photographic series done in response to an eyes-closed walking tour in my childhood neighbhorhood with social-practice artist Carmen Papalia. Re-experiencing these streets through my non-visual senses offered a new portal to step back in time. See full series and artist statement here.


Overseas Intern

A self-portrait of coming to terms with my volunteer work in rural Haiti and my personal struggle rejecting –yet simultaneously accepting –the colonial power structures that felt all-consuming and inescapable.